INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED COMPANIES AWARDS 2017 on 24th Sept at The Leela Hotel Mumbai


NEW YORK,  Sept 19th,TAJ Pier, At a press conference Mr. Hemant Kaushik, CEO, IBC InfoMedia (A Division of International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA) has made it known to the Media that INDIA’S  MOST  TRUSTED  COMPANIES  AWARDS  2017  in its role as a brand arbitrator, has been very successful in identifying the INDIA’S  MOST  TRUSTED  COMPANIES  AWARDS  2017 and will be honoring the companies that make them truly inspirational in an award function to be held on 24th Sept, Sunday at 6 pm, The Leela Hotel, Mumbai.

Hundreds of leading Indian Companies from all over India will be evaluated by the esteemed International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA and more than 50 of the highest scoring companies will be getting INDIA’S  MOST  TRUSTED  COMPANIES 2017 status. Only companies that achieve the level of recognition set by the International Brand Council after winning in a company survey conducted by IBC Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. and Media Research Group will be eligible for inclusion in the INDIA’S  MOST  TRUSTED  COMPANIES  AWARDS  book, which traces the history and achievements of each of the companies.

IBC, International Brand Consulting Corporation was founded by Mr. Hemant Kaushik to focus on promoting the discipline of branding and paying a tribute to exceptional brands and companies. INDIA’S  MOST  TRUSTED  COMPANIES  AWARDS  2017 will be a tribute event and a true celebration of many of the INDIA’S highest profile companies, who lived up to their global reputation. According to Mr. Hemant Kaushik, it is delighting to host the event to celebrate the success of  INDIA’S  MOST  TRUSTED  COMPANIES  AWARDS  2017 which is also some of the most recognized companies in India. INDIA’S  MOST  TRUSTED  COMPANIES  AWARDS  2017 is glad to recognize companies which help in driving the nation’s economic growth and help today’s judicious consumers make an intelligent and educated choice amongst the multitude of brands and its companies  available today”

For more information about INDIA’S  MOST  TRUSTED  COMPANIES  AWARDS  2017, please contact Alisha Kapoor ( Manager Corporate Affairs ) at  or you can visit

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